An old fart balsa builder….


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Im 65 and have heard/seen a few foam board airframes. They all looked like flying boxes to me, lol. However, I am jazzed by FliteTest products and videos and plan on moving over to electric/card/block foam, et al, this Spring. What an exciting time to be flying!
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I too came from balsa models. These Flitetest planes fly at least as well. I hear all sorts of crap on other forums about why foam planes aren't as good and you can't fly them in wind, but I guess that these guys have never flown an FT plane.


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Welcome! I can agree with not liking how boxy they seem at first, but after awhile they quit bothering me. They still don’t look as good as that beautiful plane in your picture, but high enough and far enough away, they look good!


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Welcome to the forums. FB planes are a lot tougher than balsa planes. They will survive a crash that would destroy a balsa plane.


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That is one beautiful plane. I admire your dedication and craftsmanship.

I, for one, don't really have the time, money or skill for something like that. There is something about turning a few dollars worth of foam board into a flying machine that really appeals to me though. I like to keep my eyes open for everyday stuff that would be thrown away for potential airplane parts.