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Andre's Sukhoi SU-29MM

Great sharing Andre! just a question I also have a Turnigy 9x and I have 5 model airplanes bound to it with 9x rx. Can one get the Orange X module that you got and interchange back and forth with my stock Turnigy 9x module seamlessly without additional programming everytime I click in a different module?.I'm considering getting the Parkzone Sukhoi but it seems to annoyingly only come in a BnF version which we end up having to deal & pay with the Spektrum rx that it comes with. btw how is the quality of the Motor mount in the Sukhoi after having flown it at least a dozen or more times?


Fly yes... land no.
Yes. That is the idea.

It is just another plane to the remote all the magic is in the modules.
Just make sure when you do the setup you remember the throttle is on ch1 ;)

You will have to open up the radio and move the antenna on the 9x module.
I can cover that if required.

I also recommend a stand for the radio so you don't knock the antenna off.


I've actually picked up a 2nd remote so I can buddy box with my son and I was running out of room.


Fly yes... land no.
Goodness this plane makes me smile

I've started flying the SU more and more.

And have a few new things I can add.

1. It flies great in the wind.
Recently the conditions at the field have been pretty breezy. Lots of cross winds.
But that does not bug the SU at all. Just have to focus on the landings.

2. I used rank it as one of my a large scale planes (a plane that needs to go in the trunk)
but last week I discovered it fits in the back seat just fine.

Normally when I go flying it I tend to take 3 planes.

Usually I try and go with 1 big plane.
Like the Fun Cub, SkyMule or FW-190. All of which have a wing span far to large for the back seat.

Then a medium sized plane such as the SU29, T-28, FT-Racer and so on.
They are decent in size but can fit through the rear doors of the car.

Finally a small scale plane like the EFX Racer and various UMX planes.

Really happy about this since it means the SU will see a lot more action.

I simply love taking off and doing a bunch of those axis rolls.
I'm certainly flying the plane harder now as well.
Having to back the flight times down to keep the batteries happy.

Last night after a taxing week at work I ran 3 packs through the SU.
I flew the plane in all 3 modes, set the rates to high and gave myself a mental workout.

Boy that plane moves around when you are in high rates.

Still one of my favourite purchased from new planes.

IMG_4136.JPG IMG_4137.JPG IMG_4138.JPG