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Another Foam board Spec wing

This is my latest version of a foam board spec wing. I have not finished it yet so its untested but I am confidant it will fly great.
I used duct tape to cover this because I had a giant roll of red duct tape. I usually would use packing tape. All I had was clear and a white plane in the snow might be hard to find. The duct tape is strong but its heavier then packing tape.
the motor mount is 3d printed a regular X style mount just screws on to it with some small wood screws.

cramming it in

Folded up


This is suposed to be a NACA 0014 to meet spec its pretty close

On my drawings I show the elevons at 1 5/8in wide that is very close to being to big. If I was trying to qualify the plane I would trim them down a little. The airfoil is within spec but on the thinner side.
v4 wing.PNG

Wing panel.
This is half of one wing panel this is the template cut this out and use it to trace the whole panel.
rib layout.PNG

Rib and spar layout
control surface fold.PNG

Control surface fold
Elavon iron setup.PNG

this is the set up I use to shape the control surfaces.
motor mount dimensions.PNG

Motor mount size
The airfoil pdf is actual size print it out and trace it onto the foam.
I included a stl for the mount I am using
here is a quick video of me shaping the control surfaces.
here is the v1 version of this plane the 3d printed parts will work with this version and construction video here might also be helpful.


I finally got this wing in the air! I was not happy with the duct tape elavon hinges they were way to stiff and the plane is already heavy so I redid the elavons with packing tape.