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(Another) P51-D swappable design/build log

Great to hear it. You were missed. Looking forward to the OV-10. I'm a retired Marine and try to build all Naval/Marine birds when plans are available. I enjoyed the P51. Welcome back. Clear Skies, Calm Winds. It will be nice to to work with you on SketchUp questions.


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I enlarge the horizontal and vertical stabilizers and made the wing removable. Not sure on the power set up. Any ideas?
It seems the standard 1200 kv flies any single motor swappable, personally i like the Suppo line. All 4 of my swappables share the same 2217/6 1500 kv Suppo. Great motor if ya like to go fast. Oh no, now i got Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights stuck in my head "i wanna go fast"


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Haha! Ricky B great Flic. Thanks for the info. Are you using 30 amp ESC? Also a 1300 or 2200?
I use a 30A esc, which is borderline, i use both a 1300 and 2200 battery on this motor. It depends on the airplane balancing really, my nnMoth Minor prefers the 1300, the baby blender the 2200 the ripslinger also the 1300 is preferred as the 2200 has to go back so far to get CG correct it's hard to connect the wires. With this suppo 1500kv they recommend an 8x4 prop, however for most my planes the 9x6 gives me longer flights at less throttle and far more thrust when i want it. A caveat goes with this prop, i have no idea how much amps it's pulling as i dont have a wattmeter.