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Anti-Drone Laws - Viewer Response


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Chad and David answer questions about the anti-drone laws, upcoming projects, tips about propellers and more!

We decided to give Josh and Josh a week off and answer some of popular questions that we've received recently, and give you an update on some future projects.

We've had a crazy week with airplanes catching on fire and video footage getting deleted.

Our launch of the Speed Build Kits went great! So much so, that we ran out of foam board and the orders are on back order. We're working to get inventory back, as well as continuing to add new items to the web store. So be sure to check it out!

Ant-Drone laws have been in the news lately, and it could really affect our hobby! We encourage you to be involved in events and groups in your area to help keep the FPV hobby going.

Despite going swimming in a pool, this GoPro is still going strong! We've gone through a lot of GoPro camera's, they're great! But the GoPro Hero 3 has still got it's issues and shouldn't be trusted as an FPV camera, we're not sure when GoPro will get things fixed.

Our hot glue gun finally died. After 3 1/2 years of hard work the thing finally stopped.

With the new glue gun we also picked up this cool silicon mat that keeps the glue (or anything else for that matter) from sticking to it.

We've got a lot of great projects planned for the very near future! Stay tuned and thanks for all of your support.
Not sure if this is the right place for this...but....

We need to do something about this. It is getting ridiculous.

Proposed Aerial Photography Ban in New Hampshire


Is there an initiative that anybody knows about to increase awareness and understanding of what we do and addressing some of the fears that people have to calm such unfounded, short-sighted, knee-jerk legislations?

If not, we should start one. I'm willing to do whatever I can to save my hobby, and potential supplemental income to perpetuate said hobby.


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ahhg! law makers are afraid of what they don't understand. can they not see that there are literally millions of constructive helpful uses that "drones" have? make spying on people with UAV's illegal, but don't illegalize the UAV itself. 496 people were bludgeoned to death by hammers in America in 2011, but we are not (and should not!) ban a useful tool for its possible misuses, as any powerful technology will inherently have.


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200 children have been killed by Large Screen LCD TV's falling on them and 21,000 injured. Why is no one lobbying to stop this menace? :confused:

And possibly it is just a personal opinion but if you are doing something you don't want to be seen doing just do it in the house with the curtains pulled. DUH!



Drones aren't even the real issue. The issue is the ability to "spy" on people. If anything should be banned it is cameras. Banning a "drone" is like banning the light pole to which a security camera is attached.