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Anti-Vibration mount for APM


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

as some of you may have seen on my other thread regarding ESC placement, I have a Hex controlled by an APM2.6.
I did a lot of research and realised through research that flight controllers (maybe particularly the APM) are very susceptible to vibrations from in the frame.
Either you can perfectly balance your multirotor which I guess you should do anyway, or you can try and dampen these using an anti-vibration mount.

I found this one: 3D printed anti-vibration mount on the APM wiki and since I have a 3D printer made myself one.

Since the HEX grounded waiting for some new parts and since my 3D printer goes mostly unused I thought that I would share this marvellous 3D printed contraption with a few of you. I don't mean to take the business away from the designer but I see on this forum a lot of people do things as cheaply as possible or simply cannot afford the parts they would love.

All you will need is these from hobbyking: General purpose anti-vibration mounts

Please tell me if you would like me to print you one, I can only make a few as this and postage will cost but I really want to give something back to the hobby community and since it's not my knowledge or expertise, I can at least use the tools at my disposal and maybe help somebody else going the DIY route to success.

By the way, I haven't tested it yet but I hope that it'll make the flight even more stable.

Send me your address and I'll print and send you a mount.

Here are some images of mine:

Anti Vibration-1.jpg

Anti Vibration-2.jpg

Anti Vibration-3.jpg

Anti Vibration-4.jpg

Anti Vibration-5.jpg

Anti Vibration-6.jpg

Anti Vibration-7.jpg

Let me know.