Any good info on nitro to electric conversion?


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Hi all,

Many, many years ago (I'm thinking, 1986 - ish), my father bought a Hobby Lobby Telemaster 40 kit with the intention of building it for the intended .40 size nitro engine. He wasn't interesting in flying, he just wanted to build. Sadly, it never got built and Dad's now confined to a wheelchair and doesn't get around well so he has given the old, un-built kit to me. I'm definitely no stranger to nitro RC flight, as I've built and flown quite a few nitro planes and helicopters, in addition to the electrics.

What I'd like to do is build the Telemaster, but install an electric power system vs. a nitro engine. As I get older, I find that nitros, while still lots of fun, are way more mess and hassle than I feel like dealing with on a regular basis. I don't really know where to look for GOOD information on selecting the right motor / battery / esc combo for this purpose though.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Due to time restraints and other commitments, this may take a while to complete, but the end goal is to get the plane built and flying, and bring Dad out to see it fly.