any one near Winchester VA

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I live in winchester and the club I go to has primarily gas fliers. i love gas but i am a kid in the 8th grade and even though i live on a farm my family dosen't like the noise. I do both quads and more primarily planes.( low,intermediate in quads and high intermediate in planes).


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I'm in Herndon, Va and a member of NVRC ( We have mostly electric these days at our primary flying site in Centerville, VA. Its probably an hour from you, so not super convenient, but we're a VERY FT friendly club. @rockyboy here is our club President and you'll find a lot of FT stuff flying at our club.

The FARM club is also probably just about as far away, and they are primarily big stuff too.

DCRC ( and Frederick Model Aircraft Club ( are both great clubs that are very electric friendly.

Those are all the local clubs I'm personally familiar with. None of them are supper convenient to Winchester but they'd all welcome you to come fly.


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Thanks I will check you guys out. Maybe show up at a fly in. Hope to see you there

That would be great! We've got an open house coming up in May that would be a great event to join us at - all planes and skill levels welcome (except jet turbines and really loud wet fuel engines - county says No on those :D )