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Any suggestions for a good all in one rtf fpv multirotor?

Hi! I am new to this hobby and have never had a multirotor before, and I am looking for one within a budget of about up to £150 or so (I don't know what that would be in dollars, just something not too expensive). I am lokking for something that can be flown indoors and out, so not too big or too small, has fpv built in, has a good range of about 100m+ and has a decent camera. I have trawled google for one that suits me, but found a fairly limited range. The one I thought was best that I found was the husband x4 fpv quadcopter (this is about the price I am aiming for) but, the problem was the wifi based fpv, which resulted in a laggy, choppy picture, making fpv difficult and reducing the range. If anyone has that quadcopter, could you please tell me if it is any good. Thanks! - Tristan


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Hi there Tristan, for 150 I don't think you could get a full multirotor that would be suitible for good FPV. The only thing I can think of would be the v262, it can hold FPV equipment but the video quality is very bad. You can build your own multirotor for $150 that would be able to lift FPV equipment later on when you can afford it.
$270 is still really cheap for a whole multirotor fpv setup.

I recently build a tricopter for about $90 but I already had a battery, a charger and a transmitter. Now to add fpv to it it's going to be much more expensive. (Look up 'super cheap tricopter'), also I used the cheapest of parts I could get, it is built to be able to hand it to my friends to fly and crash ;)

We're you wanting fpv with goggles or with a screen? This can dictate the price you have to pay.

You mentioned you want a good camera, are you wanting to record your flights? Then something like the möbius is the way to go, it can record and do fpv video out for a good price, I think it's about $70.

I don't think there will be any cheap rtf fpv multirotors out there which can give you good video. Sorry. But if you do happen to find one. Feel free to let us all know, I'm sure many others would appreciate it
Considering you're new to the hobby, I'm not so sure you can buy or build what you want for $270.00. I was starting with nothing, no radio, charger, batteries, heat shrink, connectors, wire etc... and was trying to build one "on the cheap" and my quad still ended up costing me almost $350.00. I did have the tools though, but my cost doesn't include any camera or FPV equipment.

If you have extra or useable parts, like charger, transmitter, batteries, connectors, etc... From other builds. I could see where you could get to your build cost, but if you're completely new to the hobby, I'm not so sure.
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It's going to be tough, or impossible, to get a hobby grade system with RTH for under $300 other than a "toy" level quad such as the Hubsan FPV system. Of course it doesn't have RTH.

One thing that may become possible, if not likely, if FPV is banned in the US, is find a system someone wants to unload cheap.


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It can be done for the money stated but it can't be done well. Used parts, scrounging, wood frame, LOTS of DIY!

FPV in the USA is only in danger for Flyers and not ground vehicles / hovercraft..............Kawasaki Diesel Mules!;)

Thanks tritium for that suggestion, it looks good! I think I will have to raise my budget to around £200-£300 (I will work that out in dollars in a sec).
I have found one!

I think I have found something! I wasn't really looking for a hobby spec quadcopter, as I am mainly a planes guy, and just wanted something cheap to mess about with in fpv. This is the one I found: http://www.ehirobo.com/walkera-qr-w100s-fpv-hd-camera-ufo-with-devo-f4-transmitter-rtf-2-4ghz.html :There is another version of this where you control it and fly FPV all from an ipad or iPhone, but people said that the range on wifi is bad, and choppiness and lag made it useless for FPV, but I later found that there is a non wifi version, that uses 5.8ghz FPV, giving a bigger range and less lag. It also comes with an FPV transmitter, as on the link above. I think it is small enough to fly inside and out, but do you think 14cmX14cm is too small for outdoors in little to no wind? I hope this will help someone with the same problem as me.


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Yes, that will do fine outside. However, I have some misgivings about the Walkera brand. First rcmodelreviews has shown the build quality of Walkeras are dubious. Also, I personally have watched the video transmission of the Walkeras at my flying park and can say the video quality is average to poor. It uses plastic gear motor system, another element for failure, or to be damaged in a light crash.

But since Walkera has several different models, I suspect they also have different manufacturing locations, thus possibly have various quality standards at the manufacturing floor level. You might get a decent copter. One tidbit that worries me is the marketing video on the site you linked shows the copter flying in an old beat-up hallway. Never a positive sign.
One tidbit that worries me is the marketing video on the site you linked shows the copter flying in an old beat-up hallway. Never a positive sign.
I wont necessarily be getting it from that website; it just had specs that I needed. I know what you mean about the video though and I thought the same. The website does seem to have positive reviews though on google:confused:. I will look for reviews on that quadcopter and see if quality is ok. I have heard things about Walkera not giving great quality, so I hope this will be ok. Thanks!


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Hi everyone involved in this thread. Sorry, I forgot to post that after further research on the walkera, and advice from this thread, I decided not to get it because of issues with the camera being way over-exposed even indoors, making it useless for outdoor fpv. I think an option now is the hubsan x4 107d. Although it is slightly smaller, it is still good outdoors, and has a better camera that can be modded easily to give a wider view angle. Tritium, the v262 does look good, I will look into that one further. I am just looking for a cheap-ish rtf multi-rotor that can be just used more as a toy, and not for any serious hobby use at all. Here is a link to the hubsan: (I wont get it from here though, this place just has good specs) :http://www.red5.co.uk/x4-quadcopter-fpv.aspx#product-reviews
Ok, tritium thanks for that suggestion for the WLtoys v262, I will get that one. Have you seen one before hooked up with the FPV kit recommended. If you have, is the camera any good.


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No I have not personally seen one nor was I necessarily recommending it. I simply pointed to it because it was similar construction to the one you had linked and had a price that was more in line with a model of its type of construction. I do have a WLtoys quad but it is one of the Bug sized ones that many start with to learn to fly a quad. It so small though it will only carry a #16 keychain camera although Bruce Simpson of RC Model Reviews has outfitted a Ladybird with FPV so with the larger Wtoys craft it is definitely doable for a lightweight FPV setup.