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Anybody else 3D?


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I try! Just learning some of the 3D flying techniques and spending a lot of time on sims trying to perfect before I crash a nice plane!

Foam Addict

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I Try! But my 3D plane is expensive as it requires a 3000 mah 4 cell that I don't have. :p

So mostly shock flier foamies, but I have fun while they last!

So far I can hover for about 5 sec, high alpha, waterfall, knife edge, as well as perform most pattern manuvers on low rates.


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I'm about the same. I should just pick one type of flying and really stick to it. I would be better faster, but I can't limit myself to just one!
I built the FT3D and have been learning 3D flying. It is easier to push the envelope and try a trick when you know you can build another one in a few hours and a few dollars of foam. I have the printed the plans, cut them out and covered them in Contact Paper for when I need to rebuild it. So far I have landed it 30 feet up in an oak tree, upside down in a pond and many other rough landings....been through a bunch of props. I have also rebuilt the tail surfaces and replaced the power pod. It's still flying well and makes me smile every time I toss it in the air. If you want to learn 3D without busting up a pricey plane the FT3D is awesome with a good "Beef" motor.

I'm getting pretty good at inverted, knife edges and snap rolls...and basic stuff like barrel rolls and inside and outside loops. Just having fun everytime out.
I'm just starting out with 3d and use a ft 3d, absolutely love it. So far I can do loops, rolls, inverted, harrier, snap rolls, water falls and the just keeps getting better the more flights I get in. I'm not afraid to fly and try new things because it's so cheap to build another. I am currently building my third ft 3d, I have managed to kill 1 a week for 3 weeks. This is the first plane I have even got to fly and get a successful flight out of. I picked the ft 3d right off the bat because all I really want to learn to fly is 3d.

It should be noted that I typically fly helis and am pursuing 3d with helis as well and use the plane as a means of improving my heli skills cause a plane doesn't stop moving therefore should help with keeping a heli in constant movement. I also do lots and lots and lots of orientation practice for my heli flying which helps alot when it comes to the plane as its missing 2 orientations over a heli, so all the orientation practice has made the plane easy and relaxing to fly. I fly it in just about any weather conditions and that is typically helps to destroy them and it took me a while to figure out how too get them in the air, it destroyed the first one I built before I even got to fly, but the second one I got launch and landings sorted out. The launch was the biggest obstacle to overcome for me, the acrobatic stuff just keeps happening for me very easily.

Im working on it. Finishing up the FT3d and spending many hours on the sim. Building 75in MXS. Rebuilding my Trex 450 ( Dont forget to switch into high rates before flying 3d). Lol
Hey Foam Addict have you checked value hobby for your 4s lipo batteries. I recently got a 4s 3300mAH lipo from them shipped for less then $40 for my 51" FMS sbach 342.

To answer the posters original question I do fly 3d mostly freestyle or a mix of pattern and 3d(i call it 3d pattern flying).

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I am on my third Value Hobby $25 EPP 3D foamy this one I put lights on just for this time of year does that count. Really like these little foamies and they fly very well my biggest problem is I fly way to close to terra firma