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Anybody know the prop size for the HK Quicksilver?

Anybody know the prop size for the HK Quicksilver? I flipped it over and broke the prop then threw away the blades before catching the prop size off of it.



Rotor Riot!
Got this from the HobbyKing site:

Spec's as assembled:

Wingspan: 710mm
Length: 600mm
Wing Area: 894.6 sq.cm
Chord: 126mm
Wing config: Dihedral, approx 3 deg
Aerofoil: similar to USA 27 1919 (just compared with cross-sections on the net, may be different)

Airframe: Open CF wire frame configuration

Control surfaces:
Ailerons - 2 servo/single control/embedded in wing
Elevator - Single servo with sleeve & wire push pull
Rudder - no control (provision to add another servo available)

Propeller: 6 x 4 3-blade pusher config

Power plant:
Motor: 27xx - (no spec's)
ESC - 10A
Battery - 1000mah ( Turnigy Nano 1000mah, 2S, 2C, 53gms )

Tx & Rx
Spektrum AR500
Spektrum DX5e

AUW: 336.4 gms (with Ballast for CG @ 1/3rd the leading edge)