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Anycopter vs. Bat Bone

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
So are there any reasons other than looks to choose one or the other with the provision that they both are going to be tri copters?

Will the camera mount fit both?


I'm a care bear...Really?
the only thing i have found is the ply they use on the anycopter frame will break if it crashes just right. ive been able to use ca and glue it back but maybe something stronger would be better for the beginner
the bat bone is built to carry a camera and fpv equip. the cg is setup so when a camera is mounted in front like davids always is its well balanced. if you have no camera you have to move your battery as far forward as possible or the rear motor doesnt keep up with the 2 forward ones, ie- in fast forward flight the front motors have alot more thrust than the single rear and if you dont control the pitch manually it will pitch up and eventually go upside down.
and yes the camera mount fits the bat bone.
i would suggest the anycopter if you were going to go acro only, bat bone for fpv/camera work.