Anyone built any of RC old Guys planes?

smiling albert

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Am a relative newbie but wanting to build ww1 warbirds and as they seem relatively simple/cheap thought I might have a go at some of the ones from this site
Was originally going to build the FT triplane/se5 but was looking for something a little more authentic/easy to build/quick/cheap
-they seem to use FT foamboard.
I know I'm a bit of a traitor advertising this on a FT website but just trying to get a semi accurate/cheap/easy to build ww1 warbird and they looked promising
They are rudder only but I reckon I could adapt the FT design so it at least has workable rear elevators a la FT triplane/se5
Wondered if anyone has built any of the ww1 ones and has any tips /hints
I have emailed old guy and he has been very helpful but he is probably getting sick of me bothering him!


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I hadn't seen this "Old Guys" stuff before - looks very interesting! I'm not at a place where I can view the videos now, but I'll be checking them out tonight. And not a traitor at all for talking about non-FT stuff on the FT forums - we're about all types of flight and radio control and related hobbies (HAM, CNC, 3D Printing, etc)

I'd say "go for it" based on what I can see so far, but please take lots of pictures and document your building and learning process here so we can all see how it goes! :D