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Anyone flying in Northern Virginia?


I build things that fly (sometimes)

I do most of my flying at the NVRC club field (1nvrc.com) unless I'm flying micros or parkflyers at local schools. Where in NOVA are you and what are you flying?


Junior Member
I'm near Front Royal... I flew loads of flight sims as a kid, and has a semi-serious RC buggy (all 25 years ago), but I always wanted to get into RC. Now that I live in a rural area, I realized I have the room to fly! My radio and electrics should be arriving on a FedEx truck today, and I ordered a few speed-build kits last weekend. I ran across the Winchester/Stephens City group via google search... almost showed up to the Chili event, but I thought it would be weird to be the new guy showing up with no models, no radio, and no chili!


Master Tinkerer
I live in Maryland, but there is a great field with a long runway and heli field in Gaithersburg hidden behind the swim center and archery range. They just installed a second solar powered charging station, which is great when your charging batteries while you fly. Somewhat info-lacking webpage at http://www.dc-rc.org/