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Anyone From The Florida Panhandle?

Hey guys,

I'm going to be visiting family in Santa Rosa Beach and was really hoping to meet up with some pilots (I hvaen't found any near me yet). I saw you guys are right there where I'm going to be. I'll be down there from 3-30 to 4-6 (this wednesday for 1 week). Let me know if you guys are going to be out flying - I'd love to come watch and chat about the hobby. I've been researching and saving up for my first quad for several months now so I'm particularly interested in micro and mini quads, and FPV. The cherry on top would be the chance to try on a pair of goggles before I make a $350 commitment.


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You probably know the spots here better than I do. I had never flown in Tallahssee before today. I just went out to the baseball fields at Baymeadows today and took my FT Sparrow for a spin. I built it in FWB last week, today was its second flight.

Any tips on where to check out?