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Anyone in Delaware?


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You might take a look at FT Groups, you can search for members & clubs by location.
The link is at the bottom left of this page.


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I know there’s a flying site near the canal, right in Lums Pond state park, but I think that requires a membership. Is anyone nearby or knows good flying sites?
There is also Kent County Aeromodelers in Sandtown. And another group in Seaford.

what part of Dellywho are you in?

Flite Risk

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I've been absent here. yea Battery and I have gotten together to fly and build.

we are apart of the same group of people who all fly together. sometimes we rent a hall and have a build night.

Is our short hand for a school we all fly at. We have a Whatsapp group chat we communicate through to stay abreast of who is flying & when, who is building & what. discuss build nights, but also general banter.
It a great group of folks.
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