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Anyone in Jackson, WY


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I fly with a few other people - mostly the same crowd down at Stilson ranch parking lot on Friday nights and most weekends we head to Idaho to fly near the Teton Reserve golf course. I've seen people buying crazy amounts of foam board at Staples and Dollar store and assume someone else around here has been scratch building. Come join us or email me to schedule a fly time!

I'm in idaho Falls. I'll actually be in Jackson this weekend for the contour music festival, at least on Friday. Unfortunately (from a RC plane perspective, but fortunately in all other aspects), my wife will be with me, and flying will probably not be an option. Plus any planes would have to spend time sitting in a hot car, and that might not bode well for my FT planes.... I'll have to see if I can sneak over there on Friday evening at least to watch for a bit. It's always fun to see other FT planes.


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Cool Rovers! I may be flying tonight and will definitely fly this weekend if the weather works out. We've had great weather mid morning but nasty storms every night this week. May be going to some Contour shows but depends on the work schedule. If you want, you can bring planes and unload in my garage so you don't have to worry about the heat but understand that it just may not be a good time to bring planes given that your wife is coming. Anyway, thanks for reaching out and feel free to hit me up on the cell - 307-920-1039.
Bummer! I didn't see this until we were already in Driggs.... I didn't bring a plane specifically because of heat. We are heading to Jackson now. Maybe we'll swing by Stilson ranch and see if you are there.