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Anyone in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area flying lone wolf?

I guess its not lone wolf if some one joins you :p

But myself and another guy like to fly at some local soccer fields and out in the desert once in a while.

Let us know if you have a good site that you know of, or you're welcome to come join us.
Woohoo another local flyer! I'm actually in Florence (Perfectly between PHX and TUC), I usually fly in the desert (I use 2 3/4 wheels) but would like to find another flyer to go out with.

I'm fairly young compared to lots of other flyers (I'm 22), and I tend to fly fixed high-wing. However, I'd like to get started building those flying wings everyone on flite test seems to have.

Send me a PM, I could probably try and get you onto one of the nice private fields here, but you need an AMA card.
Any Flyers in the Mesa, AZ area?

I live in East Mesa and am just gettin into the hobby. I dont really know anyone else flying RC around me and have only gone "lone wolf" style a couple times, lol.

If anyone is in the area and wants to fly some FT RCs, hit me up!

Im just getting used to the whole forum thing as well, so I'm not sure sure if I will be checking this thread again. If you're interested send me a Private Message!