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Anyone in the Southern PA region?

I am from York, PA, but currently live in MD. I have brought some of my planes along when visiting family though. Saw posts on RCG about a York group doing some water flying out at Lake Redman last year, would love to get my micro Icon A5 out there.

The club is YARCC, York area radio control club and they will be doing a float fly this year on 6/13/2015. I was at the meeting on Tuesday. They don't have it posted on their web site yet but they will have several fun fly days at their field and other events.

Check them out http://www.yorkrc.org/

I am a member of the club and they have a nice flying field! The float fly is at Lake Redman, I missed it last year do to working that Saturday.

They do require all pilots to have an AMA membership and allow visitors to fly without being members of YARCC up to 3 visits.
Ground loop, Offaxis is spot on on. It is a decent sized area, great for some bloody wonder sized combat but probably too small for 100mph planes. I think you should have enough open space for some free flight. I will have to find out when the fields start getting used on weekends and try to plan something before then.

Ground loop

Free Flight Indoorist
Im really excited about this. I hope it can happen. Maybe make it an annual thing. Im already building for it! :) Gotta order some more batteries.
Snow is melted. Now I need to look at the schedule and see what we can do.

On another note, for those of you who missed the Lebanon swap meet, the Hamburg swap meet is this coming Saturday.
Tentative fly day and picnic on May 16th in Bernville, PA. I think the last baseball game at the local park starts at noon so I am planinning on a 2-3pm start. We will have burgers and dogs afterwards. Maybe some night flying if anyone is still hanging out. I will confirm that the park is available before we set this in stone.
I was seriously considering joining you, until I realized that's one of the weekends in May I'm working.

You certainly shouldn't move it on my account, I don't even have my transmitter yet (ordered, pending shipment).

Ground loop

Free Flight Indoorist
Would you be wiling to sell an extra transmitter Phenom? If its cheap enough I would be interested. Anything is better than the Eflite hp6dsm Im using.
Sorry I only have dx4e and blade sr tx (basically hp6dsm). Been thinking about selling my Turnigy 9x to get a Taranis but I don't it will happen for a few months.