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Anyone interested in puting a multiple order together?

Hi All , I've just checked out shipping costs on a five model order.
The planes are:-
1./ Bloody Wonder Speed Build Kit.......................................$28.00
2./ FT 22 Speed Build Kit ...................................................$28.00
3./ FT Versa Wing Speed Build Kit........................................$28.00
4./ FT Viggen Speed Build Kit..............................................$39.00
5./ FT Spitfire Speed Build Kit.............................................$36.00

sub total................$159.00

Shipping to my address Via USPS (Priority Mail International)$75.05


At todays exchange rate (14/12/14) thats ..........................£148.74
or as an average, around £30.00 each.
The down side is thats to manchester, however I do travel up to Scotland via Glasgow and Perth about 5 times a year. The next time being easter. Anybody interested in putting an order together?
Initially post here if you are.
I would possibly be interested (dont rely on me, depends on funds at the time) on a spitfire and storch speed build kit (and a powerpod, if they do that in speed build kit?). Im near london though, so would have to check how much I would add on for postage to me once you have them.
Postage on speed build models

Hi Bodgit
I can already see that each speedbuild box weighs about 2 lbs (less than 1 kilo) but I have asked flitetest for the sizes of the boxed speedbuild kits as this is also a governing factor in postage cost via royal mail.
However I feel I should point out at this stage, if a box arrives damaged to me from flitetest, I will fight to get it replaced FOC no matter who ordered it, but if you elect to have it posted on to you,as opposed to collecting it from me, it will be at your own risk. The only reason I am willing to do this in the first place, is to share and reduce the shipping cost for each of us. I.E. I make nothing out of this, nada, zilch.
I hope you understand.
Is shipping to UK based on size or weight or both? If it's size then there should be a way to pack the kits tighter. My kits came in larger than necessary boxes. If you were to ask Flitetest to pack multiple planes in 1 box would this save on shipping? If they take away some of the packaging it could save on some weight also. IE bags and filler. I am thinking the way that Adams packs their cases of foam board. 25 sheets per box with no airspace around it and then another box around that for possible shipping damage. The prices you got for shipping was that on individual boxes? Just a thought...

I just did a crude shipping form for a whole box of Adams foamboard to the UK with prices quoted. If the box were full of only foamboard it would only way about 3 kilos. The pricing didn't change on the same size box up to 10 Kg. You could get quite a few planes stuffed into a box that holds 25 whole sheets of foam especially if the scrap was taken off prior to packing. All the other accessories included would not weigh up to the 10Kg limit.

Another option at a cheaper rate on the same box
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Thanks for the research Brian, but I'll leave the shipping to the UK in flitetest's hands. I was talking about posting-on of one model in the UK once a bulk order has arrived with me. I would much prefer people to then collect from me.
Balu from Germany has been in touch, he had to pay 19% tax on top. Which, for me, starts to make it too expensive.

However I have had another idea. A local craft shop has a large laser cutter and while you can't cut foamboard cleanly with a laser you can accurately mark it for cutting. I have asked for a price, but he is very busy in the run up to christmas and couldn't even do it till the new year, so I will have to wait. As soon as I get a price I'll post it here.
To be fair Graham, I wouldnt put the blame on you: If it broke whilst in transit, that falls onto the company delivering it. But yeah, I completely see your point about not wanting to post. It looks like im having a skint month anyway so no nice build kits for me! :D

If the laser cutter can do that that will make your life much easier!


Master newb
depending on total price im after 2x 9xr pros and maybe modules. like others depends on time and funds available at time but id like to do this over next few week.
if some 1 coud grab me just these for now for same price as hk please do and just pm me.

you would need to check they all work and mess with claims should they not.
I got 100 there for 2x 9xr pros over next few week but again if can get modules cheap too like them 15quid 1s id need 2.
pm if they even have these for these prices and im in.

Any of you want to do china bulk buy? carbon props and frames? after txs id like to order a bunch but if we could all chip in and get better deal it would make more sense.

or if ay of you want to do hk combine buy please pm as I need 9xr pros. I dont think im be able to get all at once till 3 week though unless i get some charge backs back.

Im sub to thread but deffo in for hk for my txs. il probs hold out for better modules but the cheap 15 buck 1s will be fine. if any of you are ordering soon grab me 2 9xr pros and let me know and I will sort out oayment for you no problem.

ps dont hermies do internationel? no dont do royal mail unless they sent as gift. is it ups dhl? them the 1s you want. ups.

Ier me know if they got 9xr pros for same price as hk or if any of you want to do a hk order.

take care