Anyone Know How to Program "Android"? IE The tablet that makes up my TX???


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Ok so I have a Yuneec Typhoon H that comes with an ST-16 Transmitter (which all the transmitter consists of is a 7" Android Based tablet directly in the center of the 14" wide transmitter & everything transmitter wise runs directly through it so I.E. its all digital & although one would come to the conclusion that it may have 16 channels because of what they named it the ST-16) on another forum specific to this quadcopter a few people that have contacted the manufacturer for various different reasons since it been released have heard & confirmed from a Yuneec representative that our tx/rx setup has for the lack of better words A TON Of extra unused channels that if needed could be used for whatever future purpose or may not be only time will tell.

I own a pair of extremely bright LED lights (LUMECUBES) but When browsing on a few days ago found 2 different spotlights that only vary by having a single or a dual beam otherwise both came full wired & servo equiped with full Pan & Tilt abilities that can be connected to any open channel you may have & it even says in the description that if you even happen to have a third open channel you could choose to have that one control the on/off/strobe modes of the lights so that is only one of the many things that I really want to try out to see if its possible to fully connect atleast the pan/tilt ability, then possibly a winch with grappling hook, & one quite important item to be able to get the best range out of the 5.8Ghz FPV 4k camera is hobbyking also sales an electric retractable 15 or 20 cm Antenna extension that I want to attempt to hook onto the bracing of the Camera (the part that looks like a 2 pronged fork going around a ball which is the camera) because no one has yet been able to modify that antenna because they'd loose the ability to rotate it non stop in a single direction because it has no wires & if anyone attempted to try attaching anything that shifts the weight of the "BALL" (CAMERA) then the servos that auto self level it would burn themselves out trying to compensate for the additional weight. Currently on our Drones the only 5.8Ghz Antenna that we have that is remotely close to the exterior of the drones body is placed inside of that ball which is why I say I want to attempt to attach it to Fork part of the camera assembly & that one deffinately has to be on a servo being that long because it'd be pointed straight vertically down so I'd crush it if I attempted to land before retracting it back to a horizontal position.

Wow really sorry about the length of that. One last thing I'll include is that I have opened up my Transmitter case because I'm planning on bring 2 additional Antennas out to the exterior of the TX rather than being hidden away inside of it and when doing so I noticed that a few of the various PCB boards inside of it have a Micro Usb Female plug on them, so Im thinking that was on purpose so that they could program or reprogram any part of the TX like if they needed to use any additional channels for any future add-ons or whatever & then there is the obvious one that is accessible from the bottom of the case when it is still all closed up but we do not even use that one for anything because I personally do not want to charge an 8700Mah TX battery using 5v at 0.5-1 Volts so I remove the battery and charge it just like I do the bigger flight batteries using my Lipo Charger. I have not yet opened up my Drone but I do know it does have atleast the single Micro USB accessible from the outside of the body which is used to set various parameters but I'm sure with someone that is knowledgeable in Android programming could quickly pull something up.

PLEASE CONTACT ME IF you yourself know how to program android even or you know someone that does, & don't worry Im not looking for Einstein here just any knowledge at all would atleast give us the knowledge of whether its a possibility or not .
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Hello and wow, what a first post! I appreciate you coming into the community and providing so much about what you are after. While I don't have the knowledge to help you with this issue I do want to simply welcome you and perhaps ask if you would share a bit about yoursefl in a brief introduction.
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