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Anyone Know What's Happening?


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Just the other day, I took my versa out for it's first flight. As soon as I took off, I noticed without any stick input, It would nose dive straight towards the ground. At first I though this was a nose-heavy issue but when I got back home after crashing it twice, I put the battery on the front and had it all setup like I did that morning but surprisingly, It was Nose Heavy! I really have no idea whats going on would you guys have any ideas as to whats going on here?
are you sure you didn't mean to say "...but surprisingly, it was[n't] nose heavy!"?

Flying wings are always touchy on the CG. If it flew AT ALL then it is either neutral or nose heavy. I would double check the CG markings and move the CG back to test. Also, wind is a factor, gusty weather makes it pitchy more than a plane with a tail.


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I have flown my versa *mildly* tail heavy and my SEMFF Stingray strongly tail heavy, and while it felt like they flew like hurled feces, it was controled flight, complete with aproach and landing. By NO MEANS a fun flight, but controled.

Do get the CG as close to the recommended neutral ballance as possible -- every bit of nose heavy will cost you in elevator authority, every bit of tail heavy will cost you in fighting the elevator trim as speed changes.

Also, if it immediatly nosed in without accepting control input . . . are you sure? If you haven't, check the directions of the control surfaces -- The feedback between your hand/eye and the plane's response for a reversed elevator is AMAZINGLY fast, and can look like it ignored your input and took a b-line for a dirt-nap.

edit: ok, re-read the post . . . do check the surface directions, but . . . give it back pressure if it needs it on launch. Part of trimming the airframe is finding where "neutral" controls are for all the imperfections in the airframe. Havign a little bit of reflex (intentional up-elevator) on a wing is very common.
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It may be from not adding slight up elevator into the control surfaces. But I don't know if you made the control surfaces flush or if you did put the slight up trim into them like you're supposed to.