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AP Eazy (Pusher Trainer | FT Power Pack A or F | swappable)

Hi - just came across this plane/plans - but the plans link says the site is down for maintenance. Any update on when the plans will again be available? Thanks!
Is there a recommended prop size, battery (and weight?) for best compromise of performance and efficiency?
1. ..for 5" (+/-) and 6"?
2. ...using FT Radial Power Pack F SE (incl micro servos)
3. ...with/without carbon shaft spar in wing?
I probably should have clarified this:
FT Radial Power Pack F SE =
  • FT Radial 2206 2500kv Brushless Motor
  • FT 25 Amp ESC
  • FT ES9051 5g Digital Servos


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hi ...avg kicked in as the site loaded ,i was able to download the file before avg closed the site ..and avg cleared the pdf file as ok !!!
avg free version 18.2.3046 virus definition 180313-4.....
just checked again and the site loads ok ,may have been a false positive !!!
dude that message is written like a spam message. I know your not spam though.
Prop: 5x3 or 5x5
Battery: 1250 3s/4s
Carbon: Yes if you are going 4s, probably on 3s.
Thats what is recomended.
And here's the Type-R setup for even more fun. Of course with a carbon spar. Since I used heavier foamboard on this model, I also needed a heavier battery for the perfect CG.
View attachment 231982
Thank you.
What does 'Type R' mean?
Is there a difference in the build plan compared to the Version 0.2 (2018-03-24)? This is what I am building.
Also, I have the FT power pack F SE which came with 25A ESC. Will this work for this type R configuration? I also have a 30A ESC but would have to change out connectors to work with the F motor. I also have some 5 inch (51499) 3-blade props I plan to use.
Also, I have some carbon arrow shafts but the smallest OD I have is ~7mm. My thinking is to trim the foam spars back so the carbon shaft will fit right under the front bend on top of airfoil. I would also move the ail servos back slightly to sit right behind carbon shaft.
Sorry for so many noob questions. I'm a maker and have some useful skills but this is first rc foamy build.
Questions are always welcome!
"Type R" means race version and is inspired by Honda's Civic Type R car. The build plan is of course the same. To be here on the safe side, you should use a 30 A ESC for 4S, then you still have reserve at full thrust. And if you use a 3-blade propeller, then the load is still somewhat larger.
For the 7mm carbon rod you only have to remove some of the foam, that should not be a problem. It is best to glue it in front of the wing spar. If you put the servos further back, you need more weight in the nose for the perfect center of gravity. It's best to build the model with all the electronics and weigh out the CG to find the perfect battery weight.
Have fun!