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AP Rascal Racer (1000 mm | 39.37 in)


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FTF-March Madness ENTRY 13

Welcome to putting this into the FTF March Madness Challenge.

If you could Please reply to this we your punch list. what are you trying to complete by Months end?
The aircraft is still in the BETA phase. We want to rework the wing and make the fuselage narrower.
We also want to round the corners. Our goal at the end of the month is a build plan for version 1.0!
The plan goes ahead! The templates for the new wing and the narrower fuselage are printed. The remaining time is very short! The Eazy took me a lot of time, which I actually would have needed for the RR1k. I stay tuned! ;)
Almost ready... everything works... I'm not rushing this. I have to find a place to put everything, with decent CG, and a few minor finishing touches. BTW - I ordered and received some Inkjet, self adhesive photo paper... looking forward to dressing a few of these planes. Seems to be much easier than painting... but I haven't done it yet! I was wondering if the "vinyl sheets" should have been what I ordered? I ordered "
Topcolor Self-Adhesive High Glossy Inkjet Photo Sticker Paper 8.5"x11" (206 x 279 mm) for all Inkjet Printers (50 Sheets)"... I hope it works! I have actually printed out on regular paper images and then used Elmer's glue to glue them on before... it worked... nothing special what it works... Magic markers work too... Can't wait to fly this thing! Actually, yes I can... spent a lot of time building it... and I am the worlds worse pilot! I never know whether to run like everyone else or try to land the thing... :-/

Thinking of a name... I could use some help... something from the "Dark Side"? or ???


I've got the electronics tucked away, nice roomy area to work in! You won't be seeing a
battery Velcroed to the bottom of this one! ;-)

Note: I didn't use poster board for the "Turtle Deck"... cut Dollar Tree foam board, cut 5mm "cavity" where the formers are, covered with packing tape ( Dollar Tree has it for less! ;-) on the top and made several score cuts to facilitate bending... hot glued along the edges.


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Maleficent! She's oh so bad, but in a good way...

Finished! ? It's all together, thought of a name even... getting carried away with the stickers?
Having fun for sure! Hardest part, was the canopy! I tried twice with poster board, it's in the trash.
I managed to convert to Dollar Tree foam board, cut bevels and glued and sanded, fitted and finished.
The end result I'm fairly pleased with, but need to work on these "finishing touches" skills...
Now all I want to do is go fly her now! But the weather just won't give me a break...

More "stuff"...
Power Up 15 Sport 1000kv brushless motor from Heads Up
Dynam Carbon Fiber CF 10x6 1060 propeller
D-193 Sky Power 30A ESC with Linear BEC

She weights in at 22.4 oz, with a 2200mAh 50C 3s battery, and 10x6 propeller, I'm looking to get
about 45/22.4 thrust to weight or ~ 2:1 ratio


I figure that should get her airborne!

Thought about using the Power Up 480 Sport, 1200kv, then this one is actually lighter and in the same
ball park on thrust.


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Wow that looks great! are you going to get a video of the maiden?
Hope to! Maybe today? But the weather is "iffy" ... dark, cloudy, wind comes and goes... but I'm anxious to see how she flys! And scared to death I will crash and burn... it's not the plane I'm worried about... it's the pilot!!! :-(


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Your first launch looked a little tail heavy, maybe next time you go to fly it double checking your CG, or move it forward just a bit. Anyways I hope you'll get it flying soon.


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Your first launch looked a little tail heavy, maybe next time you go to fly it double checking your CG, or move it forward just a bit. Anyways I hope you'll get it flying soon.
Thanks, my friend Jimoh said the exact same thing, and we checked, and it was "spot on", even with the camera which was positioned just in front of the canopy, but behind CG... The problem I believe is I did not apply enough power. I can feel the pull on the plane when I launch it, and I didn't want to over do it, but I guess I under did it... ? :confused: Also, the travel on the ailerons is spot on, set at low rates, but still too much I think. I had DR set at 50/50 (travel/expo).
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One of the plane i even build
i add some mode to the wing to be like the efxtra