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APM 2.5 or DJI Naza version for quadcopter


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I'm looking for a new control panel for my quadcopter, I am in doubt between 2.5 apm or dji naza version.

my wishes:
- Very stable
- Gps hold
- Waypoints as it can

would be most used for filming and FPV flights, and later built on a hexacopter for carrying a DSLR camera.

Do more preferred benefits APM 2.5 but I do not think this is as stable as a DJI NAZA version.

bring it on!! :p
I currently have the apm 2.5, i too was debating between the naza and apm. I think it comes down if you want a rtf package. The naza is more or less good to go out of the box (ie. not much tuning). Compared to the apm take some time to tune, but once tuned can do more things like waypoint nav. and million more things. I currently have my apm on a hex with the rctimer gimbal for a gopro. I think for film making the autopilot on the apm isnt really smooth from waypoint to waypoint without alot of tuning. Just depends if you want to flim now or a month or two down the road. If you do get the apm start reading the manual now so you can get a jump start on tuning and flight modes. Let me know if you have more questions.



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I would also like to use the apm, because it is an open source.
have waypoints. But he is stable enough during the hoover he hangs nicely in place and when flying that he remains at the same height?
I find little to no filming from a stable APM 2.5 platform.
maybe you have a movie of your hex?

Thanks for your comment
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I think you can get the apm as stable just takes some time. Also camera stabilization and balancing is big for stable video too. I can get you a video soon.
here a video I shot today, Not the best with the lights and the gimbal still needs to be tuned. This was filmed in alt hold mode and loiter.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/XwrUrzqjSKc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>