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APM Mission Planner - Tricopter displays as quad (icon)


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Hi, I'm playing around with the first (and so far only) component for my future tricopter that has arrived through the mail.

It is the APM 2.5.
Now if I upload the arducopter firmware by clicking the tricopter icon, it uploads, but if I then go to Frame Type, I don't see a tricopter configuration, it shows only the following options:

Plus, X and V


Did I miss something?

O, one addition: In the live screen it also displays as a quad

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My crius board never shows the right thing but it is right in code. Are you using the latest version of both the code on the board and the mission planner?


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Hi Kogashuko, thanks for responding.

Yes, the mission planner I just checked. In fact it checks for a new version when prompted and updated today (maybe that is the cause :) ).
Also the board firmware had an update just today, also tried the previous version (I know that is a popular one), but that didn't make a difference.

It seems there is also a 'deeper' firmware for the board itself (there seem to be two levels: the flight config loaded and the deeper board firmware itself, lets call it the arduino firmware).

I haven't tried that upgrade yet (in fact don't know if it is out of date or not:) )

Edit: I should note the previous firmware had distinct versions (Arducopter 2.9.1ib final Tri) and the new one 3.0.1 does not have the Tri mentioned.. But I had the same display with the previous Tri version ....

Kind regards,
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Hi! As far as i know from older versions (2.9.1 was the last i checked) you will have to set and compile on your own copter profile if it's not represented in the Missionplanner. That is normally no problem.


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Thanks Crashpilot1000! I was going to have a look in the code anyway, I'm a programmer myself (and curious as well:) )