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Apple i movie!

I just got a apple Computer and I love I Movie

I also use many Different cameras for shooting Videos

A Sony Webbie that can be fitted on a hat so I can fly and Film

A GOPRO HD Camera for onboard Video and it can also be Fitted on a Hat

I have a Canon HD Camera for all my other HD Video Needs

If Using Windows Movie Maker is still the Best Free software to use
Windows 7 version lets you edit HD clips!


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Welcome to computing sanity. Having been here for so long sometimes I forget what I'm missing. They are machines that work for me, not the other way around.
I have and like iMovie for the few movies I've made. But I wish there were more templates to choose from... Final Cut Pro looks awesome, but I'd really need to dedicate some time to learning it (and I'd rather be building/flying at this point)...
I have always used Imovie. Now i'm using my Gopro HD i'm finding the limitations of slow mo on imovie. Trying now to get my head around Adobe Premier CS5.


Bought Another Trailer
Staff member
I need to upgrade my laptop. I love my old MacBook, but it's getting a little tired. It just can't keep up with imovie anymore.