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apprentice s 15e and apprentice 15e difference

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
The S model is the new one with SAFE technology. It's a much much much better plane for beginners. If you're already a competent pilot then get the cheaper one. If you ever wanted to use it for training new pilots then you'd be glad you had the new S model.
got it, i have a firebird stratos but im having problems getting it to fly straight (i think im getting unequal thrust from the engines), so im in the market for a new plane and i think im gonna go with this one.
nope, and for that matter its to the point where the plane flies to the left and if i full rudder to the right the most the plane will do is fly straight.


Dedicated foam bender
Have you checked over the motors and wiring? It sounds like the left one has some sort of issue with full thrust, like bad connection, bearing/bushing or even just getting ready to die?

Sorry for the obvious questions, just trying to help...