ARCN Ep 37 - FTCC with Mike Finley & Patrick Murphy


Building Fool-Flying Noob
This episode Joe and Matt have special guests Mike Finley and Patrick Murphy from the Flite Test Community Cast, a podcast dedicated to highlighting the Flite Test Community As always they will also talk about their hobby Adventure since last time, and the venerable P-38 Lightning.
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Build Night - November 19, 2021 8-11pm EST
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FTCC Podcast
FTCC Episode 27 - Sasquatch Meat Sweats
FTCC Episode 41 - Red Jensen
Piper Tri-Pacer
- Table of Contents -
0:00 - Introduction
3:00 - Hobby Antics
47:45 - ARCN Community
52:50 - History: P-38 Lightning
1:16:15 - Flite Test Community Cast, Special Guests Patrick Murphy and Mike Finley
2:45:50 - FTCC Lightning Round
2:50:30 - Bench Talk
3:10:00 - Wrap up
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