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Arduino Transmitter

Egg 3141592654

Aspiring Hobbyist
So I have a Fly Sky CT-6B transmitter, but alas the micro controller has died a fantastic death. While it would be easier to just buy and bind a new transmitter, I am trying to breathe life back into this old device. The general plan is to take an Arduino Uno V3 and just place it in place of the micro controller that is already there. I have the code for reading everything in and processing the signals, but there is one little problem, OUTPUTS AND WIRING! I have the control sticks (all 6 channels) wired up and the code mainly complete, but the only hurdle is determining what the transmitter chip is looking for in terms of signal.

The transmitter chip I have right now is the FS-HF030. I understand that it wants 2.8V for it's Vin, but there are 2 signal wires(?) SW and PPM feeding in as well. What is SW, does it add some more functionality to the PPM inputs? Thanks for the help in advance!