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Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member

Welcome to the forum!

There are several here with experience on multiwii (mostly pre-assembled board, but a home-brew DIY'er or two). What's your question?

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
Hi Mich, im glad to see another arduino fan here. But before i can start to Help, i would like to know exactly what you need. So please kindly answer these questions.

01 - how well do you understand arduino & can you use it?
02. - what type of multi rotor are you planing to Use arduino on?
03 - what is the trouble you are Facing?


Junior Member
i have don some projects with arduino i have some experience with basic c, c++ and c# and arduino IDE
my build is a tricopter.
at the moment i am using a 3 ch radio.
my problem is how to proces the data i get from the receiver and the gyro?


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
So you're trying to write the firmware from scratch?

Are you familiar with Multiwii in detail? It's a *large* arduino sketch that implements a fairly solid set of control loops. If you want to see "how others have done it", crack open the source -- that's the best place to look.

If you've got a specific question about how is "X" done in multiwii, there are a few people here (myself included) who can help you understand the code that exists.

As for how to process the data from a sensor, that's never a simple question, and the simple answer is vague:

- You receive the data at your designed rate across a data channel you've designed
- You do mumbo-jumbo magic processing (and as little as you have to) depending on the nature of the data and the information you need to extract
- You use the extracted information to do something.

You'll either need to get more specific, or open that source and take a look at what they do to get into the nuts-and-bolts of the work.