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ArduPilot Mega 2.5


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ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 1.jpg ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 4.jpg

The ArduPilot Mega 2.5 (APM 2.5) is a complete open source autopilot system that allows you to turn any radio controlled fixed, rotary wing or multirotor vehicle (even cars and boats) into a fully autonomous vehicle; capable of performing programmed GPS missions with waypoints and more!

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 14.jpg

We setup the ARM 2.5 on our H-Quad to test some of the cool features available from this system.

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 3.jpg ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 2.jpg

The ArduPilot Mega 2.5 has 3-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer, along with a high-performance barometer. The GPS unit is an option off-board Mediatek MT3329 unit.

You'll notice the barometer has a cotton swap on it, this is important to do if your board is exposed to light or wind. Keeping your barometer protected will keep it from causing drastic pitch changes in during your flight.

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 7.jpg ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 5.jpg

The Mission Planner Software is free, open source software that will allow you to setup all of your radio and board controls.

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 6.jpg

The GPS triangulates your location and the software's robust interface details all kinds of great technical information. Showing you your location on the map, artificial horizon line and much more!

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 8.jpg

When you take your RC multirotor out to fly, you'll want to be sure you've read all the setup instruction and make sure you have your board setup correctly. Wait for the blue light on the board, and you're ready to fly!

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 9.jpg ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 11.jpg

The return to launch mode will return your RC vehicle back to the location where the motors were armed. So be sure to arm your motors away from the location you will be standing especially if you're flying FPV and don't want your multirotor to land on you.

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 10.jpg ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 13.jpg

The APM 2.5 that's setup on our H-quad is the very basic setup, with no PID's installed, and it handles great! The board give new pilots more confidence with autopilot features, which allows you to literally fly hands free Experiences pilots will enjoy features of the APM 2.5 as well as the information and setups available with the!

We're excited to spend some more time with the ArduPilot Mega 2.5! Stay tuned for more information and articles detailing the setup and features of the APM 2.5.

ArduPilot-mega-2.5 - 12.jpg

Thanks again to DIY Drones for send thing out! To learn more about DIY Drones check out:

APM 2.5 board links available here
Board Details:

Mission Planner Software



Rotor Riot!
Can't wait to see the video! I have hoped for this for years!!!
Are you going to add the telemetry module? I want one with the 433MHz
Telemetry downlink. But FPV is first!
I am very happy with my APM1 on my Bixler

I have performed a few flights testing waypoints with 100% success. - I'm currently fine-tuning the performance and behaviours.

If you looked at my video with the bird-chase you notice laps in the beginning of the video - that is APM autopilot RTH that is active and it is set to 50meters altitude



How many letters do we ge
Haven't watched the vid properly yet, so forgive me if the vid answers. But I notice the props on the H quad have changed from the original recommended SF 1147. What are the new props and are they better? Thinking of a quad project with DT750s so want to choose the best props. Ta.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
ArduPilot is good Stuff. I have 2 APM2's(one in a (Quad and another in a Hex)and I am testing a APM2.5 Clone from RCTimer.com that is way cheap in cost. So far it works great (on the bench). Flight testing will be after the holidays. It is going in my SkySurfer once my GPS arrives. DIY Drones makes a case for the APM2 and APM2.5 that I highly recommend as well.
The telemetry radio's are a must have in my book for the coolness factor alone. You can change waypoints during flight and even control the craft through the telemetry link via a Joystick/Laptop configuration rather than the RC Transmitter sticks. Coupled with FPV this makes for a very realistic flying experience.