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Are counter rotating props really neccisary?


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Like the title say are the really that important? With my bigger plane should I be looking to replace one prop with a clockwise rotating prop or can I just leave it with both going the same way?


Having never flown a multi-engined RC plane, I really can't say how much prop torque two generate. But, counter rotating props will nullify that torque, which is really nice. No slamming rudder on take off.


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NO! they are not. Just take a look at full scale multi engine propeller planes. Most of them do not use counter rotating propellers to eliminate the need of two spare enginges.


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No, but they look really cool :D

Counter Rotating props are more needed for multi Rotors (quads and larger) to help keep them from spinning out of control since they have no rudder. And their "Yaw" rotation is usually acheived by slowing down a set of those props moving in one direction. Some do have pivit mounts for getting fast yaw rate, or in the case of Tri-Copters, simply keeping them stable.

Most planes do experiance some torque roll. I know most of my pushers get a very bad torque roll at launch, but once enough speed has built up and the control surfaces win the fight its not so big of a deal.