Are People intrested in sub 250g planes and if so what type(s) of sub 250g plans are people intrested in?

What is the intrest level in sub 250g designs?

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this came up in the 🔥🔥rekindling-the-ft-fire🔥🔥 thread:

One thing we are not seeing enough of is < 250 gram models. The FT Dart for example has been discontinued and my FT kit with a 450mah 3S battery came in at 220g. It flies absolutely AMAZING. I had it up at Edgewater during the Flying Circus weekend and got a lot of questions about it. Got home and tried to get a second kit, but it is no longer available. All the big planes are great, but we need more of the models we can literally fly anywhere without any registration if/when all these restrictions go into place.


I am working on some designs right now, I have a pile of them sitting on my bed waiting to be maidened. I can try to start posting plans. Is there any specific designs your looking for (IE wing, trainer, FPV, 3d, etc)?



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this came up in the 🔥🔥rekindling-the-ft-fire🔥🔥 thread:

I am working on some designs right now, I have a pile of them sitting on my bed waiting to be maidened. I can try to start posting plans. Is there any specific designs your looking for (IE wing, trainer, FPV, 3d, etc)?

i think that a 3d plane would be awesome...
and also a trainer... besides the tt.
i like the idea you have here


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Pictures please of the "250" hangar

Items currently built/being worked on

  • FT Dart
  • 2 plank designs I am testing out
  • the black is a delta wing design that is still in the 'design' phase.


Ones with Full plans available:

Items that I have built/design/flown but don't currently have a working version

Nameless V-tail


3 builds from my FTFT21 were sub 250 (one is a pre-existing FT design)

1630340164860.png 1630340265729.png

Symmetrical Kfm Inspired wing


Split Elevon Test (unfortunately didn't get yaw working well enough to be worth all the effort)



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I suspect the parasite Micro-fighters (EZ and 35mm) will be sub 250g. They will have to be FPV as well, to function.
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Almost ready

I don't think the ez 2 channel will have fine enough control to do what your trying to do, the throttle -> pitch coupling will make lining up a 'landing' basically impossible. Possibly the ez3 channel, but I would really want to be able to use expo and full size gymbols.


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My builds are sizing down the ft planes to 25-30% or 50% minis. I am using the flat bottoms of foam plates, @Joe Carpino figured this out. So far I have built a prototype scout and guinea pig. The electronics for a brushed version will cost ~40$ each for a little brushed indoor/no wind outdoor flyer. I will be posting some build threads soon once I get some electronics. They are essentially cheap, diy, umx brushed planes. The appealing part of this is that you can crash and be out of a 25 cent airframe, not a 30$ one. They are estimated to weigh 30-40grams auw so should be waaaay under that 250g. You could also put in small brushless motors (I think).

Currently on the build list:

3d plane (like umx yak)
Spitfire (Windestal version)
Simple Cub/old fogey

Tell me what you guys would like to see and I will se what I can do. Glide tests have gone well with the two that I have built.


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Built the nano cub 29% today. 29% because 30% would need 2 pieces of paper per sheet. Glide test went well. Airframe no power pod weighs 10grams and I was heavy handed with the glue. 2200 3s gens ace for reference.


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I would highly encourage anyone interested in sub 250g planes to check out my White Diamond design. It's 117g sans battery, and under 250 with 800mah battery, micro FPV camera, and Insta360 go2. Plus it's easy to skin (see available skin packs) and super durable (FF combat winner)! It has a very wide flight profile that will leave a huge grin on your face every time you fly it. I like to think of it as the tiny whoop of wings.

Plans are in the FT resources section, and build video on my YouTube channel.



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way less response then I had hopped for, only 25 total vote of which 17 were yes. well, I can still post the designs that I finish up and that work and see how things go from there.
Please keep going! I'm going with "If you build it, they will come". If people see what is capable sub 250, you will see more support.



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I have a small stockpile of the now discontinued H-packs because I was very interested in the sub 250g designs. Really disappointed that FT went the opposite way…. No way can I fly a 12’ B-17 in my front yard.


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Of late I have become a convert to the flying of sub micro RC. Also every sub micro RC plane ever purchased by the group is still flying.

We have a local group of 5 converts and soon we intend to dabble in our own designs.

For our purpose we will be basing the planes on either Eachine or Volantrix stabilised electronics. As currently we fly said products.

I can see that one of our first builds will be a canard of course just because no one makes one and after that a few different glider designs will be undertaken.

FB will be considered but in 3mm size along with alternate foam products, balsa and CF.

As per the "Rekindling the FT fire" thread our group is seeking to maintain the fire and FT hasn't been doing it for them lately.

If any of our designs are worthy of consideration or offer something unique I will provide plans and a build article, but there is no guarantee that our designs will be that good.

I love my Eachines and Volantrix models and fly them even in winds that keep the bigger models on the ground.

Have fun, (we are)!


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Friend of mine picked up these old 1/4" blue foam designs for me at a barn sale. I just had to update the RX to 2.4g, put some servos in, and add pushrods. All three are under 250g with a 600mah 2s battery. The brushed motors are a little anemic, but modern brushless motors would make these great performers.
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