ARK LA TEX Flite Test Fans. Shreveport LA


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I live in Shreveport LA, looking for any friends in the area. I started in the "ultra expensive" ultra micros then upgraded to a Parkzone WildCat, then turned a nitro plane back into sticks. Now due to the large amount of 1300mah lipos I am building Flite Test planes. These guys are awesome and building these planes is like crack to me. I fly around all of the local parks in Shreveport/Bossier and ive only met one other park flyer. WHERE ARE MY FLITE TEST BROTHERS???
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A little south of you in Natchitoches, we're starting to get a nice little group of multi-rotor enthusiasts together. Started with a couple of us flying our micro-quads on our lunch break, but it's growing. There's about 5 of us now who have gotten into the micro-quads, one of us currently building a tri-copter from the Flite Test plans, and then me planning a Flite Test design inspired quad copter. I just haven't decided yet on buying the ElectroHub or making my own hub.


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Lockesburg, Ar

Southwest Arkansas here. I go fly at a club field at Texarkana, Tx some weekends. alot of people i fly with go to shreveport to fly sometimes


I lived there, would fly there Christmas and the like! Send an email, . I do not visit on exact holidays, so I'll be in town when people are able to fly. Multirotor and DIY foamies.


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I'm in Baytown, just east of Houston, and get up around Shreveport to see family sometimes. I'm new to the hobby, and love the video's put out by PT.