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Arrow overheating

Just scratch built my ft arrow and it’s a great flyer/glider. Took it out on a crazy windy day and was able to keep it up with minimal effort. Just flew it today on a calm warm day and after 3 mins the esc and engine were over heating. I’m guessing that on the windy day it had plenty of air flow getting into the electronics that it had no issues.

Does anyone have a solutions for the arrow overheating other than gluing the esc to the top like I had to do today? I like the sleek look without the esc on top.

Thanks in advance


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A warm motor & esc is OK.
If you can’t hold it for 30 seconds or more, it’s too hot. Try a smaller prop, something like a 5x4.
It’s getting hot to the point that is starts slowing down. For now I poked a few holes on the top of the compartment and have the esc external and it can run for days. There is a 3D printed compartment with tons of ventilation that I found which I likely will print for my next one after I crash this one.


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you shouldn't be overheating with that setup but things can happen. 3D print the other fuse for your next and you will be happy. that is what i currently have but am running a 2205-2300kv. the 12a esc does get warm and if i'm on throttle too hard for too long i will get a stutter but nothing bad. just low down for a sec and it is fine. having the esc out in the air makes a huge diff.

good luck,

me :cool:


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I have the video camera hole open at the front for ventilation and an outlet vent at the back. With that I've not have any overheating using a 2206 2150kv turning a 6045 bullnose prop.