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Arrowhead; Aerobatic Tailed Delta

Arrowhead; Aerobatic Tailed Delta 1.0

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Vimana89 submitted a new resource:

Arrowhead; Aerobatic Tailed Delta - A unique "park flyer" sized 3ch A.E.T tailed delta. Easy to build and fly, yet highly aerobatic.

Design By: Vimana89
Plans By: Grifflyer

Description: A "park flyer" sized delta plane with a unique tailed configuration that's easy to build and fly, has a minimal parts count, and is highly aerobatic. The smooth and effortless maneuvering makes this bird look totally at home in the sky, and the smooth and effortless maneuvering has lead some to compare it to a "flying snake" or a "fish swimming in water".

Design/Aerodynamics: The Arrowhead is a tailed delta, a...
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