Art-Tech Esc and motor beep once per second immediately after plugin(No Throttle control)

Levi Roe

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Hi, I have an Art-Tech F4u Corsair Power plant with 20A brushless Esc, 4 Servos, 6ch receiver, and a C4038-15- 11.1v Motor. When I plug my battery in my motor beeps every second continuously and there is no (RING) tone my servos respond accordingly to my inputs but there is no throttle control at all. Please Help!


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Levi Roe
A single tone beeping is usually a warning that the ESC is not happy with the throttle signal being generated by the transmitter.
As a safety feature the throttle signal must be at a minimum for the ESC to 'arm' which then generates the beep sequence.
Check the throttle on the transmitter is fully closed and that the throttle trim is set to minimum as well.

It is also possible that there is a bad connection somewhere or even that the ESC may be faulty.
The only sure way to track down such a fault is to substitute each component one at a time with one that do work but that of course assumes you have such available!
Remember when fault finding take the prop off the motor.

Levi Roe

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Levi Roe
Hi thanks for the help I went to my local hobby shop and found out that my signal wire was burned off the board and burned the ESC board itself so I bought a new one by E-flight. It's a 50 amp ESC which can handle 4s along with my 3s