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Article approval time


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I just submitted my first 2 articles on FliteTest.com and was wondering how long it would take for them to be approved.:)
Depends on which side of the process you are on. If your are the FT guy who does the approving it's like "Arrgh, new articles are backing up again, didn't I *JUST* approve a bunch only a few days ago?".

If you are the guy who sumitted a new artical and are waiting for approval it's more along the lines of "Arrgh, It's been hours/days! Did I do it right? Is it good enough? Is it on the reject list and they haven't told me yet?"

So, the answer is 'It depends". :cool:

Seriously, it's like that. Was like no time at all after it was put up, but before it is it's forever. Think I had one wait four days. Forever.