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Artool Cutting Rail


Certified DT foam addict
I've had a lot of problems getting straight lines building with $Tree foam - my cheap metal ruler hasn't been cutting it.

Looking at some of the FliteTest build videos I've noticed that they use a fancy ruler with a raised edge on one side. Freezing the video revealed that it was an Artool brand cutting rail. So I decided I'd give one of those a try. I ended up getting a 30" that could cover the entire length of a $Tree sheet as well as a smaller 12" one for smaller cuts. They come in a variety of sizes.

It works like a charm - the raised edge makes it really easy to cut straight lines and the bottom of the tool has a non-stick material that keeps the tool firmly planted without damaging the foam.

The only downside is that the ruler portion begins at an offset to the tool - which makes using it as a measuring device somewhat cumbersome.

They are rather difficult to find, but are definitely worth the cost.

Anyone else use one or something like it? Any tips or tricks worth sharing?