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ArtTech 98" Diamond 2500 3D Glider Airplane


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I haven't found a review on the ArtTech 98" Wing Span Diamond 2500 3D Electric Powered EPO Glider Airplane 2.4G RTF, so naturally I thought I'd post one.

I'm not sure that I would recommend this setup to anyone. Below are some of the issues I had when I received it.

1. The brown shipping is made out of very light weight cardboard that didn't provide much protection. The package arrived in horrible shape and consequently there were quite a few dents and dings in the Styrofoam.

2. The balance weights were not glued very good and came loose during shipping as well. I managed to put them in what I believed was their original position with some hot glue which seemed to work well.

3. The control horns were not attached very well, but after some work I was able to make some modifications to get them locked down into position.

4. The screws that fasten the T-tail in place didn't line up very easy with the threads in the vertical stab, and the glue holding the threads in-place tends to wrap around the screw making it difficult to tighten properly. I had to clean the screw threads off multiple times.

5. I covered the bottom of the fuselage and leading edges with packing tape in hopes that the grass will not rough it up too much.

Aside from being just a bit more nose heavy than I like the glider performs decent. If you order this plane, plan on going over it in detail. There seem to be a lot of gotchas that could break easily or put it in the dirt.

Hope this helps someone.


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I wonder what they mean by 3D Glider? It looks like it should fly well but at that price point, I'd expect much better quality. Keep us informed as you get more air under her wings!
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