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Asymmetrical Dual Swappable

Hey Everyone,

Recent FliteTest subscriber, first time poster. I flew a bit of trainer at my local AMA club back in 1999 when I had a Junior AMA license. Also had a control line plane. My dad used to fly gliders, and has a glow plane.

Anyway, here's a challenge for the FliteTest crew:
Make an Asymmetrical Dual Swapable plane. I would suggest modeling it off of the Rutan Boomerang.
(Image from www.rutanboomerang.com)

The Boomerang uses 2 identical engines, with the left engine tuned to produce 10 less hp (differential thrust?). You can't see it in the above picture, but it actually has forward swept wings. It also has an off-center CoG, slightly off to the left of the cabin. Here's a top down view:
(Image from www.rutanboomerang.com)

The reason this was invented was to create a dual prop aircraft that would still be stable in the event of one of the two engines failing. It's based off of the design of the Beachcraft Baron 58P.

I imagine you could use two power pods. With each pod containing a motor, battery and ESC. The primary (right) pod would have the receiver and other electronics on board.

Here's a link to a 3-view drawing of the boomerang, from the Rutan website:
http://www.rutanboomerang.com/images/N24BTBoomerang Model-202 3-View.pdf

Based entirely on my complete lack of experience in scratch builds, it doesn't look too difficult to recreate. ;) I'm sure David could pull it off, and it would be an incredibly unique build.