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Atas Defiance 265 - Fpv Racer frame

Atas Defiance 265
- An Ultimate Fpv Racer Airframe -

Hi guyz, i've been working on this design for a while and now when its done i wanted to share it with you:)


The goal was to fuse performance, durability, ease of use and full electronics protection in one compact and functional form.

Been testing the frame for a while now and after haveing last two hard crashes into solid rock i am really satisfied with durability side of it, only parts i've changed to get back in the air where 2x 5inch propellers and 1x 8mm plastic spacer. I still can't belive it my self but its really tough frame!

It supports both, 5" and 6" propellers easily as well as larger batterys despite its compact size.

For those interested it is available at http://www.dronematters.com/multirotors/300mm/quadcopters/atas-defiance-265-frame.html

Defiance 265 official thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2313866

Defiance265 development thread: http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?31562-Developement-of-Defiance-fpv-airframe

A video from fpv racing session shared by Rayonnair, he was flying the Defiance 265 in the video, he said it was probably the fastest frame out there!

Defiance 265 in action!

Few photos from my build log :D

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One of the pilots of Defiance265 know as Liftbag shared few beautiful photos of his build and i just have to share it with you.

He used his own light aluminium screws that truly give a bling touch to the airframe as whole(his Defiance265 airframe dry weight droped to 177grams). He is also avery creative and skill individual, he even made his own angled motor mounts! :D

few photos of his build....

Cheers dude! :)

A few nice build photos made by Defiance265 pilot Derrick :D

As you might know Defiance265 enables mounting of a cased camera as it supports hard fix of the camera brace holder with a screw. You can freely remove camera mounting plate and install a cased camera while it remains fully protected! This enables you to angle the camera view as well!

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Guyz, I'm so excited to let you know that kits have arrived from the factory!! :D

They are being carefully packed for the shipping, in two days or so they should be on the way to all preorder folks. We want to make sure kits are perfect before shipping. Good times :)


An awesome photo made by Liftbag, a great size comparison for sure!

Huge thanks for taking the time to make this photo that will for sure help folks to get a sense of the Defiance265 size! :D

Hi guyz, just wanted to let you know we closed the preorders to secure enough spare parts for preorders! From now on it will be permanently on sale and constantly restocked!! :cool:

Despite making more kits for spares and late preorders we nearly sold out all the kits. We want to make sure we can support the new Defiance265 pilots first ensuring they'll have a great time !

No warries, good news is the second batch production is in motion and kits will become available again very soon and I would like to take a moment and thank you all for supporting us in our goal, to make it better for the flyers! :D

We are genuinely inspired by your support to go further and do more! Thank you! :)
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Liftbag's Setup!

Setup list.:

Frame: Atas Defiance Beta
Motors: Lumenier FXC2206-11 2350KV 10° tilted
Propellers: HQ 6x4.5 fiberglass reiforced
ESCs: Flyduino KISS 2-4S 18A
Flight controller: OpenPilot CC3D
UHF telemetry: OpenPilot OPLink Mini
Rx: Lemon DSMX 8ch ppm receiver with satellite
PDB: FPV-Reconn
5V BEC (FC+Rx): pololu D24V6F5
12V BEC (FPV stuff): pololu D24V10F12
RC switch (for radio controlled racing LEDs): pololu #2802
RC buzzer: HK Discovery Buzzer
VTx: ImmersionRC 600 mW
VTx antenna: Circular Wireless 5.8GHz Skew Planar Wheel Antenna
FPV cam: RunCam 600TVL PZ0420M
Battery: Turnigy nano-tech 1600mAh 4S 25C
AUW: 681 grams

SecretSpy771 setup:

SunnySky X2204 2300kv motors
Gemfan 6x4.5 props
Afro12 ESCs
Nanotech 3S 2200
IRC 700mW 2.4 vTx
DTF UHF 6-ch. rx
PZ0420 camera
Mini PDB with LC filter from Dronematters
WiteSpy minimOSD (MWOSD fw)

Hi guyz,

just wanted to let you all know that we are considering to opensource the Plastic H-Holder and I-Holder(used to anchor the bridge) .STL files for the Defiance265 pilots.

It was brought to our attention that there are a lot of folks with their own 3d printer, we think its a great idea to enable the Defiance265 pilots to be able to make their own spare parts in all the 'pink' colors of their likeing if they prefer making :)

So, let me know what do you think about it? :)
Prjoe's Setup:


T-Motor MN1806 2300kv
Kiss v1.1 Esc
Gem Fan 5030
Lumenier 2250mAh 3s 35c Lipo
OpenPilot CC3D
Atas Sphere Power Distribution Board
PZ0420M / 28mm FPV Cam (Waiting for arrival)
ImmersionRC 5.8 600mW (Waiting for arrival)

Very pleased with this airframe, nothing to envy my Blackout Mini Spider Hex.

To do:
FPV equipment installation
RC TFR4 Rx antenae placement
Liquid tape Atas Power Distribution board
PID Tunning
Real outdoor maiden



Hi guyz, I'm excited to let you know that Atas Defiance 265 Endura upgrade is now available!

Endura upgrade is composed of highest quality Aluminium 7075 T6 alloy screw set for Defiance265 Aiframe counting over 60 pieces! This aluminium alloy offers the strenght of a steel in aluminium lightweight!

The upgrade significantly reduces the Atas Defiance 265 airframe dry weight, down to roughly 173grams dry weight and can serve to neutralize other upgrades weight penelty as well! It comes with extra screws too! :)

We try hard to deliver the best stuff at an affordable price, visit the link to the Endura upgrade at the store and i'm certant you will be pleased with the price!

Did i mention it gives an awesome bling to your machine as well!! :D
Awesome video from Liftbag, mad skills showcasing the agility and maneuverability of Atas Defiance 265 airframe!!

Enjoy :)

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Beautiful Defiance 265 build by pilot known as Hmerly!!

Setup and pilot impressions;

Here is my little bit of Defiance. I just completed it this morning and put two packs through it before the chill chased me back inside. I have to say, this is the best flying and easiest to tune mini I've flown so far. I've tried all the "big" names out there and this thing just feels better. On default Cleanflight PiDs it was almost perfect, just needed a little tuning and the thing was locked in. This is my second mini with KiSS 18amp escs and Oneshot and for some reason, on this mini it just feels better. It comes together pretty easily, I only had to remove one of the spacers to get my vid tx up front. Other than that, everything just fits harmoniously. The frame itself is very stiff and the layout allows plenty of room for hiding unsightly wires. Here's what I got on mine:

Cobra 2208 2000kv motors
KiSS 18amp ESCs
PowerOSD board from PowerREVo
IMRC 600mW 5.8ghz Vid Tx
PZ0420 FPV Cam
DTF UHF receiver
Acro Naze32

The amount of life these new Cobra motors generate is nutty on such a light frame. I literally can lose sight of this in seconds if I fly LoS. With the KiSS escs it is just so smooth. Definitely going to enjoy this little guy.

Daxo, you've really designed a fantastic little platform. I just LOVE how clean this thing looks, no wires running everywhere and it didn't take me weeks to do =)

I've installed the Endura upgrade on my Defiance265, Highest quality 7075 T6 aluminium screw pack, 18 grams weight reduction! Bling Bling :)