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Pumpkin drop event

Atas Defiance 265 - Fpv Racer frame

Really impressive build by a great guy, a pilot known as Z33!

It's amazing to hear and see the remarkable progress this young multirotor pilot is making day by day, thumbs up mate! :D

Pilot impressions:

I thought I would do a humble review of the Defiance frame, at least from a noob perspective. :D

I am new to RC. Always knew this hobby existed but drones or multi-rotors captured my imagination like no other. I spent a lot of time in this forum trying to learn and the learning curve is steep and I'm still learning. I have looked at many frame kits but most of them basically come from the same chopping block i.e. a rectangle of some sort and 4 arms ("flying butter trays"). I was planning to settle on one of them that had the greatest support on the forum but chanced upon the Defiance frame in a multi-rotor blog posted by Daxo. One look at it, I knew I have to get this! It was too cool!I realise I am only interested in special looking frames and they need to appeal to me visually. The Defiance is my first kit-only purchase.

The Frame
I ordered as soon as I read that they were ready and got it quickly via Dronematters.com, a very good local vendor. I was not disappointed. The fit and finishing of the pieces were excellent, I didn't think I need to file any edges. Only the arms were carbon fibre but I was ok with that. The rest of the body was G10 plastic (?). Makes a squeeky sound when you drill into it:D All carbon frame have weight benefits but I think it is marginal, plus I like the contrast in looks it offers and I don't have to worry too much about electrical interference and stuff. I like how the frame has a protective shell like an armor that shields all the electronics and cameras inside.

Everything was in the package, neat & tidy although the original spacers for the pdb wasn't available in mine due to supplier issues but Daxo explained how to put on easy alternatives.

Vendor Support
My experience with Daxo on this thread has been great so far. He is quick to reply and ready to help, even with noobs like me. Keep it up Daxo!

The Build
I am still building mine, you can see bits of my build log on this thread. It's been slow admittedly as I was too busy at work and much of my build time was spent soldering kiss esc and figuring out wiring schematics. In hindsight, I should have gone for plug and play esc and power systems given my level but hey, the darkside is always tempting...:p

The experience builders on the thread (LiftBag, Ryder) have demonstrated incredible creativity and ingenuity in personalizing their Defiance frames and that shows how versatile this kit can be.

I haven't flown mine yet but I am sure it will be awesome.

Should I buy this?
If you are looking for a frame that is cool looking and different from your usual rectangles, this could be the frame for you. I look forward to future upgrades from Daxo and his team.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found the above useful.


Hi guyz, just wanted to share little something we where working on lately for the Atas Defiance 265 airframe pilots :)

The Durability upgrade, composed of highest quality aluminium 6061 T6 alloy, the new bridge aluminium holders present vast improvement in the airframe durability.

Combined with the Endurace 7075 T6 alloy screw pack upgrade it makes Atas Defiance fpv racer airframe one of the finest out there from ground up, no compromises what so ever. Achiving significant improvement in durability and performance at 177 grams. The Dura(bility) upgrade coming soon...

For all the Atas Defiance 265 pilots out there;
Post your Flying video at official rcg thread and enter the prize draw for free Dura upgrade - an aluminium 6061 T6 alloy bridge holders set!!

Two most entertaining videos will be picked! Good times :D
Finally an end of working week, made few shoots along the way

She's all geared up and ready to go!

Nothing crazy, merely chilling out with my buddies and talking stuff

2nd flight, having so much fun zooming around with my D265

Warm up flight, she's as good in cruising slow enjoying the ride as being fast zooming around beast.

I love every bit of D265, just awesome haha

Guyz, its time to announce the winners for the most entertaining Atas Defiance 265 pilot videos!! :D

To recap, the winners get the free DURAbility Upgrade - An aluminium 6061 T6 alloy black anodized bridge holders set as a token of our appriciation! We loved the videos so much we decided to go with 3 winning videos insted of 2 as stated initially :D

The winners are: Secretspy711, Liftbag and Pumpkinhead959!!

Congratz guyz, you have just entered the Atas Defiance 265 Hall of fame and this is no small thing!!
You will have a privilage to see stuff we are working on before release, weeks and sometimes months before the release and beta test our new innovative designs!

Welcome to the D265 hall of fame guyz, thank you all for sharing your fun moments with us!! :D

This poster will be listed at the front page of the official thread forever!!

To collect the prize contact sales@dronematter.com ;)

Winner Pilots Atas Defiance 265 videos:




Guyz, we are going to make the Dura Upgrade - an Aluminium Holders set available for 50% off the price( quite below the production cost) for the first 30days as a small token of our appreciation to all the Atas Defiance265 pilots out there.

It is all thanks to your appreciation and support that we get to go further and do more and we never forget stuff like that!!

The Code for 50% of on the Dura Upgrade is : DEFIANCE-ALUM-UPGRADE :D

How to apply the code:
You'll need to add 2xAlum H-Holder part and 1x Alum I-Holders part to your cart then view the cart, insert the discount code and then apply it and proceed to checkout.

H-Holder: http://www.dronematters.com/index.p...here-defiance-265/atas-defiance-h-holder.html


Cheers :D