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August 2012 - UPDATE


Staff member

We'd like to start off by saying thank you, to the viewers who have made the Flite Test community what it is today! We have all kinds of great things planned in the future, but none of it would be possible without your support!

As we move forward, we wanted to update you on the plans and products that we are rolling out to help generate revenue so we can continue to offer you free, unbiased programming and great RC flying content.

8-2012_update2.jpg 8-2012_update3.jpg 8-2012_update4.jpg

Along with upcoming Flite Test merchandise, as you can see, we have opened up the chance for companies and manufactures to invest in website advertisements on our site.


Click here to find out more about advertising opportunities! And continue to check back for when the merchandise and swag will be available!


Thanks again for all your support and contributions to the Flite Test website and web series! Continue to contact manufacturers and share with them what you'd like to see on Flite Test!

And also let us know if there's any specific products or merchandise that you'd like to see in the Flite Test merch. store!


Junior Member
Chad and Fltetest team,
I really appreciate the transparency of the business model. Please, please, please, don't be tempted to publish un-appealing phrases like : " This offer is only valid until...". I am sure most of your viewers understand the effort that requires to put together a site like flitetest and the need of funding. Keep it this way... KUDOS for all of you guys.
I'll click on your sponsored ads and buy from them.

Keep it up!


Junior Member
Thats great news.. all of it... the best is your bringing David back, that guy is full of Tech Info and is a great addition to the show.