Aura 5 wonky


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I'm trying to setup a new Aura 5 on the Retro Rocket. I've used the Aura config Tool with the downloaded RR file. All the servos are going in unison rather than individually. The board lights are green solid with orange slow flashing
Throttle moves the servos for turning and moving the aileron stick left or right affects climb or dive.
The air brakes work with the momentary switch (i).
BTW: I'm using a Spektrum NX radio

I got the orange light to stop flashing by holding the board still while powering up. Now the throttle is not affecting direction change but the rudder stick is. Elevator stick is still doing nothing while aileron is climbing and diving

Update once more and I think I've got it.
1) Plug the Aura into PC and connect
2) Update board to 1.1.21
3) Launch downloaded RR config data
4) Choose TX type
5) Choose receiver connection
6) Write all to Aura
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