Aura and Trims


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I now have 5 Aura 5 lites and will buy more as they have saved so many of my planes from crashing, especially on maiden flights but I have a question.

A new plane has just been built and now for a maiden flight. I know that even with an Aura installed I should first trim the plane with stabilization switched off, land and use the trim button on the Aura to

1) press once to enter trim mode
2) press a second time to transfer the trims from the TX to the Aura
3) press a third time to exit trim mode after re-centering the trims on the TX

What I've noticed is that on the maiden flight the Aura will help me get to that 3 mistakes high altitude when switched to level assist flight mode even if the plane has not been trimmed.

Now if I switch off level assist, trim the plane but before landing have to switch to level assist back on what will happen ?.
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I think I did this on mine, the trims are set on your TX so they should stay in effect, the input they cause could affect the aura's performance though. It might think you are pressing on the sticks trying to steer and dive into the ground... So be wary of allowing level assist do the heavy lifting in that case.