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Australians - is there flite test here or are we really off the edge of the world?


Old and Bold RC PILOT

Taxiing in circles is more a function of "P" factor and wind than the wheel alignment, (normally).

Some of my smaller models suffer from such behaviour badly and it is just a matter of a little increase in thrust angle and some applied rudder during taxiing.

For take off Increase the throttle enough to get the plane rolling and increase the throttle gradually as speed builds and you will find that the plane will behave as expected. Real Piston engined aircraft, (with large power to weight ratios i.e. WWII fighters), did not respond well to having the throttles slammed to full during take off and ground loops were the result.

On some aircraft the rudder was applied full and the plane steered by throttle during emergency take-offs.:black_eyed:


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Hi Bob,

I've a question if you have found covering with tape adds a lot of extra weight?

Not much extra weight but then I do not use packing tape covering any longer as experiments and experience overtime showed me that the tape does not stop the paper from lifting long term.

I now seal and paint which seems to last for years whilst adding little weight but lots of strength and rigidity.

Have fun!
Just want to help out? You have our eternal gratitude! We will also have a Wall of Fame which will be displayed at Flite FEST. shareit apk
So even if you can't attend, you're name will be displayed. its there on website for 5$
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