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Authentic sound build challenge

I was shocked recently when I discovered the current state of RC flying on the Internet. Powerful motors, efficient batteries, radios that avoid crossed signals… and all of it relatively cheap! Add FPV, OSD, GPS with RTH and HD video and it is astonishing what can be done. The electric setup seems ideal except for one thing… sound. It sounds like a giant electric mosquito flying around. That brings me to my build challenge for FliteTest.

Please add a small speaker to the belly of a large plane and loop engine noise with a mini music player.

The Doppler Effect on a low pass using an authentic sound file would be cool. It would sound scale and much better than a nitro/gas plane.


Flying Derp
Yeah, this guy makes them too and has sound modules for several different engines/turbines. I've considered these but have kind of stayed on the fence about the subject. At the same time fuel models sound like weed eaters or chain saws in the sky, I think too it's kind of goofy seeing a tiny model sound like a huge full scale plane. It's kind of like no one expects a motor scooter to sound like a Harley.

Great videos themajik1 and bicyclemonkey. The Benedini RC-Electronics makes nice sound systems that includes sounds for different engine states and possible machine guns! The control card can also control a smoke generator :)

Hobby King does sell one of the systems.
TBS Mini Programmable Soundunit
TBS 2 x 40W Power Amplifier for TBS-Mini
TBS 10cm (4 inch) 20W Speaker
Here is a quick video showing the effectiveness of different sounds for different planes.


The Benedini RC-Electronics sound system sold by Hobby King costs $215.56 +S&H, weighs 201g, requires substantial power and cooling. A heatsink is a bad sign :(

I was thinking the challenge would be a to build an inexpensive system base on a very standard, lightweight mp3 player with a external speaker. The mp3 player would have the dual purpose of being usable day-to-day. Just play one Impecca MP-1202FB 2GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner For <$17 and some micro speaker.
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