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automatic plane/heli saver


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I have this idea, and actually could test it myself, if I just had the money to buy the parts.

So my hope is, someone from the community can test this right now, if they have the parts, or FliteTest could make a video about it.

It goes like this:
I am a 3d heli pilot (I have a Mikado Logo 600), and I'm pracitcing with a simulator (Heli-X), and I'm actually pretty good at it.
But everytime I fly for real, I'm afraid to do the more difficult stuff near the ground, so I fly in greater heights.

But that is not what I want, so I thought, wouldn't it be great if there was an automatic rescue functionality, that stops the heli from crashing under a certain height.
I mean, the technology to measure the height of drones, e.g. exists already for a long time.
And also these rescue functions exist e.g. for my Microbeast gyro, where it is called "Attitude Control".
But it wants me to press a button, to activate it.
Now, while I'm doing my piro funnel 3m above ground, I don't have the reaction time to press that button, when I botch it.
But if there was an automatic feature, that recognizes that the heli is below 3m, and presses that button for me, that would be really useful!

I know that there is a FliteTest video about such a function for planes (I believe it was a Cessna model) .
Also for planes it is not that easy to stop them from losing altitude quickly.
But you could stop a powerful 3d heli from losing altitude very quickly, with an appropriate automatic algorithm.

So I sent this question/suggestion to various manufacturers of gyros, but none of them was convinced, that this is possible.
Which I find shocking.
Don't they know that this is standard for drones, to be able to measure height very accurately, e.g. for the "return to home" feature?
Even an accuracy of 1 or 2m would be enough.
Well, I'm convinced that this is possible and very useful.

So, the only ones who gave a sensible answer was Graupner:
They said, with the mz-32 and their telemetry module and receiver combination it should be possible to simulate this.
You apparently can program the mz-32 to press that button (for the Microbeast AttitudeControl activation) automatically after it received a height from the telemetry that is under a user defined value.

That would of course not be the optimal way to do it, but at least a start.
Of course, optimally, you would not want to go the long way including the transmitter, but do this in the gyro on the heli at once.
But the delay should be in the microseconds and for testing enough.

So the question is:
has anyone got a Graupner mz-32, telemetry for measuring height, a gyro with a manually activated rescue function and a 3d heli?

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But it wants me to press a button, to activate it.

Barro altimeters will lie to you by quite a bit at times and if it is based on that if you botch a move a bit high you could still have too much speed to recover, so, why not rig a "deadman's switch"? Simply take that button they want you to press and make it a push button under one of your unused fingers. That way you could activate it in ms at the first sign of trouble.


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To be honest... there is nothing fast enough to recover any 3d mistakes that low.

Even if a flight control system could detect and counter, the intellegence is not there to know if its a maneuver or a mistake.

Then once time is taken to confirm said mistake the hardware simply could not react fast enough.